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Meet Raul Rodriguez

Born and raised in the Bronx to immigrant parents, Raul Rodriguez understands the hopes and dreams of working people and the power of the American dream.  A life-long Bronx resident, he is a successful businessman whose livelihood is dependent upon a continually thriving economy in the community, as he has devoted his life to public service.  As a member of  DC37 Local 372, Raul has worked as the parent coordinator at Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School, and has done so for the past four years, which has allow him to involve himself in educational affairs, parent involvement, and community outreach.

A community activist, Raul is a volunteer for numerous Bronx based organizations, providing him with the forums for developing his natural leadership abilities and further cementing his life-long dedication to public service and his commitment to improving the community in which he lives and raises his family.

Raul is working on a five-point plan to improve our community. The plan includes: education, and equipping our teachers and supporting staff with vast resources to better prepare our students for higher learning; supporting the revitalization of small business programs and opening up special events and entertainment as a way to create more jobs in the Bronx; increasing affordable housing units as well as opening a pathway to home ownership; advocating for senior citizens and immigration, while enacting more laws that protect their rights; and lastly, expanding access to healthcare, helping residents navigate change while also receiving the services they need, through both the private and public sectors.

Raul Rodriguez is working diligently towards providing the best for Bronx residents.  As someone who has worked amongst community members, he knows firsthand what the needs are and is working tirelessly to bring back the most basic services.  Raul is not only another candidate… he is a beacon of hope for the community.

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